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    Articles - 2020
    Pediatric Secondary Transfer Percentages: A Retrospective Observational Study
    LeRoux Y, Cook J, Goldstein J, Doucette S, DeMone CE, Carter A, Hurley K,
    Cureus 2020;12(1):    View Article
    Site: IWK
    The Canadian Medical Student Ultrasound Curriculum: A Statement from the Canadian Ultrasound Consensus for Undergraduate Medical Education (CanUCMe) Group.
    Ma I, Steinmetz P, Weerdenburg K, Woo M, Olszynski P, Heslop C, Miller S, Sheppard G, Daniels V, Desy J, Valois M, Devine L, Curtis H, Romano M, Martel P, Jelic T, Topping C, Thompson D, Power B, Profetto J, Tonseth P,
    J Ultrasound Med 2020;():    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Articles - 2019
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    Discharge communication practices inpediatric emergency care: a systematicreview and narrative synthesis.
    Curran J, Gallant A, Zemek R, Newton A, Jabbour M, Chorney J, Murphy A, Hartling LA, MacWilliams K, Plint AC, MacPhee S, Bishop A, Campbell SG,
    BMC 2019;8(83):1-28    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Evaluation of a pharmacist-led antimicrobial stewardship service in a pediatric emergency department.
    MacMillan K, MacInnis M, Fitzpatrick EA, Hurley K, MacPhee S, Black KJ,
    IJCP 2019;():    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Interventions to assist parents and caregivers in accurately dosing liquid medications for their children: a scoping review.
    feng pan j, Curran J, Fitzpatrick EA, Breneol S, Bennett C, Hurley K,
    Drugs & Therapy Perspectives 2019;():1-11    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Prehospital dexamethasone administration in children with croup: a medical record review.
    Ali S, Moodley A, Bhattacharjee A, Chang E, Kabaroff A, Lobay K, Allain D,
    OAEM 2019;10():141-147    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Articles - 2018
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    A Qualitative Study of Doctors of Chiropractic in a Nova Scotian Practice-based Research Network: Barriers and Facilitators to the Screening and Management of Psychosocial Factors for Patients With Low Back Pain.
    Stilwell P, Hayden JA, Des Rosiers P, Harman K, French S, Curran J, Hefford W,
    J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2018;41(1):25-33    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Engaging emergency clinicians in Emergency Department clinical research.
    McRae A, Perry JJ, Brehaut JC, Brown E, Curran J, Emond M, Hohl CM, Taljaard M, Stiell I,
    CJEM 2018;30(3):443-447    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Firearm-related injuries among Canadian children and youth from 2006 to 2013: A CHIRPP study.
    Cox C, Stewart S, Hurley K,
    Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine 2018;():1-5    View Article
    Site: IWK
    How to conduct implementation trials and multicentre studies in the Emergency Department.
    Stiell I, Perry JJ, Brehaut JC, Brown E, Curran J, Emond M, Hohl CM, Taljaard M, McRae A,
    CJEM 2018;20(3):448-452    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Impact of a Canadian Pediatric Society Position Statement on Trampoline-related Injuries at IWK Health Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    Wilson G, Sameoto C, Fitzpatrick EA, Hurley K,
    Cureus 2018;():    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Knowledge sharing between general and Pediatric Emergency Departments: Connections, barriers, and opportunities.
    Crockett L, Leggett C, Curran J, Knisley L, Brockman G, Scott S, Hartling LA, Jabbour M, Klassen TP,
    CJEM 2018;():    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Multicenter Trial of a Combination Probiotic for Children with Gastroenteritis.
    Freedman S, williamson-Urquhart S, Farion K, Gouin S, Willan A, Poonai N, Hurley K, Sherman P, Finkelstein Y, Lee B, Pang X, Chui L,
    NEJM 2018;(379):2015-2026    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Nurse-led Discharge in Pediatric Care: A Scoping Review.
    Breneol S, Hatty A, Bishop A, Curran J,
    Journal of Pediatric Nursing 2018;41():60-68    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Partnering with parents to advance child health research.
    Curran J, Bishop A, Chorney J, MacEachern L, Mackay R,
    Healthcare Manag Forum 2018;31(2):45-50    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Review of implementation strategies to change healthcare provider behaviour in the Emergency Department.
    de Wit K, Curran J, Thoma B, Dowling S, Lang E, Kuljic N, Perry JJ, Morrison L,
    CJEM 2018;():    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Strategies for communicating patient health information between emergency and primary care settings: A scoping review protocol.
    Bishop A, Curran J, Rose H, McKibbon S,
    JBI Database 2018;16(6):1317-1322    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Summer Camp Health Initiative: An Overview of Injury and Illness in Two Canadian Summer Camps.
    Handler A, Lustgarten M, Zahavi A, Freedman D, Rosoph L, Hurley K,
    Cureus 2018;():   
    Site: IWK
    The Diagnosis of Concussion in Pediatric Emergency Departments: A Prospective Multicenter Study.
    Boutis K, Gravel J, Freedman S, Craig W, Tang K, DeMatteo C, Dubrovsky SA, Beer D, Burns E, Sangha G, Zemek R,
    J Emer Med 2018;():    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Validation and refinement of a clinical decision rule for the use of computed tomography in children with minor head injury in the Emergency Department.
    Osmond M, Klassen TP, Wells G, Davidson J, Correll R, Boutis K, Joubert G, Gouin S, Khangura S, Turner T, Silver N, Taylor B, Hurley K, Stiell I,
    CMAJ 2018;190(27):E816-822   
    Site: IWK
    Articles - 2017
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    A cost analysis of salbutamol administration by metered-dose inhalers with spacers versus nebulization for patients with wheeze in the Pediatric Emergency Department: Evidence from observational data in Nova Scotia.
    Spin P, Sketris I, Hill-Taylor B, Hurley K,
    CJEM 2017;19(1):1-8    View Article
    Site: IWK
    A randomized controlled pilot trial evaluating feasibility and acceptability of a computer-based tool to identify and reduce harmful and hazardous drinking among adolescents with alcohol-related presentations in Canadian Pediatric Emergency Departments.
    Newton A, Dong K, Fitzpatrick EA, Johnson DW, Ali S, Rosychuk R,
    BMJ 2017;():    View Article
    Site: IWK
    A scoping review of Emergency Department discharge instructions for children and adolescents with mental disorders.
    Murphy A, Curran J, Newton A, Emberly D, McRae A, MacPhee S,
    Pediatric Emergency Care 2017;():epub    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Canadian Cardiovascular Society and Canadian Pediatric Cardiology Association Position Statement on the Approach to Syncope in the Pediatric Patient.
    Allain D,
    Can J of Cardio 2017;33(2):189-198    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Development and feasibility testing of the Pediatric Emergency Discharge Interaction Coding Scheme.
    Curran J, Taylor A, Chorney J, Porter S, Murphy A, MacPhee S, Bishop A, Haworth R,
    PEDICS 2017;4():734-41    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Development of a Behavior Change Intervention to Improve Sexual Health Service Use Among University Undergraduate Students: Mixed Methods Study Protocol.
    Cassidy C, Steenbeek A, Langille D, Martin-Misener R, Curran J,
    JMIR Research Protocols 2017;6(11):    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Epidemiology of electrical and lightening-related injuries among Canadian children and youth, 1997-2010: A Canadian hospitals injury reporting and prevention program (CHIRPP) study.
    Bohrer M, Stewart S, Hurley K,
    CJEM 2017;2017(0):1-6   
    Site: IWK
    Evaluating mental health service use during and after Emergency Department visits in a multisite cohort of Canadian children and youth.
    Capelli M, Cloutier P, Newton A, Fitzpatrick EA, Ali S, Dong K, Gray C, Kennedy A, Lyons J, Polohronis C, Rosychuk R,
    CJEM 2017;17(epub):1-12   
    Site: IWK
    Examining Medical Student Specialty choice through a gender lens: An Orientational Qualitative Study.
    Smith V, Bethune C, Hurley K,
    Teach Learn Med 2017;():1-12   
    Site: IWK
    Identification of the relationship between barriers and facilitators of pharmacist prescribing and self-reported prescribing activity using the theoretical domains framework.
    Isenor J, Minard L, Stewart S, Curran J, Deal H, Rodrigues G, Sketris I,
    Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 2017;14(8):784-791    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Intermittent auscultation versus continuous fetal monitoring: Exploring factors that influence birthing unit nursesĘ fetal surveillance practice using theoretical domains framework.
    Patey A, Curran J, Sprague A, Francis J, Driedger M, Legare F, Lemyre L, Pomey M, Grimshaw J,
    BMC Pregnancy & Childbirth 2017;17():320    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Medical students' perceptions of emergency medicine careers.
    Pianosi K, Stewart S, Hurley K,
    Cureus 2017;():   
    Site: IWK
    Patient and caregiver expectations of Emergency Department care: A scoping literature review.
    Curran J, Cassidy C, Chiasson D, MacPhee S, Bishop A,
    Int Emerg Nurse 2017;2017(32):62-69    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Predicting thoracic injury in children with multitrauma.
    Weerdenburg K, Wales P, Stephens D, Beno S, Gantz J, Alsop J, Schuh S,
    Pediatric Emergency Care 2017;():1-5    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Protocol for a mixed studies systematic review on the implementation of the recovery approach in adult mental health services.
    Piat M, Sofouli E, sabetti J, Lambrou A, Briand C, Vachon B, Curran J,
    BMJ 2017;7(8):    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Risk factors for adverse events in Emergency Department procedural sedation for children.
    Bhatt M, Johnson DW, Taljaard M, Farion K, Ali S, McTimoney M, Dubrovsky SA,
    JAMA 2017;2017(1):E1-8   
    Site: IWK
    Strategies to support transitions from hospital to home for children with medical complexity: A scoping review.
    Breneol S, Belliveau J, Cassidy C, Curran J,
    Int J Nursng Stdies 2017;72():91-114    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Stuttering as a symptom of concussion: Confirmation of association using nontraditional information sources.
    Cherry J, Gordon KE,
    Pediatric Emergency Care 2017;33(11):e137-9    View Article
    Site: IWK
    The Canadian hospital injury reporting and prevention program: Captured versus uncapatured injuries for patients presenting at pediatric tertiary care centre.
    Butler M, Newton S, MacPhee S,
    Pediatrics and Child Health 2017;22(3):134-8    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Time for change: Benefits of a plant-based diet.
    Grant JD,
    Canadian Famly Physician 2017;63(10):744-746    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Understanding discharge communication behaviors in a pediatric emergency care context: A mixed methods observational study.
    Curran J, Bishop A, Plint AC, MacPhee S, Zemek R, Chorney J, Jabbour M, Porter S, Sawyer S,
    BMC Health Serv Res 2017;17(1):276    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Articles - 2016
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    An 18-month old boy with growth failure and gross motor skill regression.
    Clive B, Chobotuk T,
    Pediatrics and Child Health 2016;22(7):363-4    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Association of persistent post concussive symptoms with pediatric quality of life.
    Gravel J, Freedman S, Burns E, Osmond M, Zemek R,
    JAMA 2016;():    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Barriers and facilitators to implementing the HEADS-ED. A rapid screening tool for pediatric patients in Emergency Departments.
    MacWilliams K, Curran J, Racek J, Cloutier P, Capelli M,
    Pediatric Emergency Care 2016;():1-7    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Clinical risk score for persistent postconcussion symptoms among children with acute concussion in the ED.
    Zemek R, Freedman S, Gravel J, Boutis K, Beer D, Craig W, Burns E, Farion K, Dubrovsky SA, Klassen TP, Richer L, Osmond M,
    JAMA 2016;315(10):1014-25    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Community-engaged scholarship to catalyze innovation: A case study of the uptake of metered-dose inhalers with spacers to deliver respiratory medication in a pediatric emergency department in Nova Scotia.
    Sketris I, Hill-Taylor B, Sargeant J, Hurley K, 2016;16(SI):42-54    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Concussion and its management: What do parents know?
    Weerdenburg K, Schneeweiss S, Koo E, Boutis K,
    Pediatrics and Child Health 2016;21(3):1-5   
    Site: IWK
    Design, implementation, and evaluation of a simulation-based clinical correlation curriculum as an adjunctive pedagogy in an anatomy course.
    Coombs CM, Shields RY, Hunt EA, Lum Y, Sosnay PR, Perretta JS, Lieberman RH, Shilkofski N,
    Acad Med 2016;():    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Essential content for discharge instructions in pediatric emergency care: A delphi study.
    Jabbour M, Curran J, Murphy A, Burns E, Plint AC, Taljaard M, MacPhee S, Fitzpatrick EA, Bishop A, Chorney J,
    Pediatric Emergency Care 2016;():   
    Site: IWK
    Hospital admissions for lower respiratory tract infections among infants in the Canadian arctic: A cohort study.
    Young M,
    CMAJ 2016;4(4):E615-22    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Increasing access to mental health care with Breathe, an internet-based program for anxious adolescents: Study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial.
    Newton A, Wozney L, Bagnall A, Fitzpatrick EA, Curtis S, Jabbour M, Johnson DW, Rosychuk R, Young M, Ohinmaa A, Joyce A, McGrath PJ,
    JMIR Research Protocols 2016;4(1):    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Medical student career choice: a qualitative study of fourth-year medical students at Memorial University, Newfoundland.
    Pianosi K, Bethune C, Hurley K,
    CMAJ Open 2016;4(1):147-52   
    Site: IWK
    Medical student career choice: A qualitative study of fourth-year medical students at Memorial University, Newfoundland.
    Pianosi K, Bethune C, Hurley K,
    2016;4(2):147-52    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Scalp hematoma characteristics associated with intracranial injury in pediatric minor head injury.
    Burns E, Klassen TP, Correll R, Jarvis A, Joubert G, Bailey B, Chauvin-Kimoff L, Pusic MV, McConnell D, Nijssen-Jordan C, Silver N, Taylor B, Osmond M,
    Acad Emerg Med 2016;23(5):576-83    View Article
    Site: IWK
    The impact of an educational intervention on knowledge about infant crying and abusive head trauma.
    Ornstein A, Fitzpatrick EA, Hatchette J, Woolcott C, Dodds L,
    Pediatrics and Child Health 2016;21(2):74-78    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Articles - 2015
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    A 12 year old girl with seizures after intentional drug overdose. Bupropion overdose.
    Weerdenburg K, Finkelstein Y,
    Pediatric Emergency Care 2015;31(3):217-9    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Gastroenteritis therapies in developed countries: Systematic review and meta-analysis -Published in PLoS ONE.
    Freedman S, Black KJ, Fitzpatrick EA, Gouin S, Hartling LA,
    Site: IWK
    High Fidelity Simulation in Pediatric Emergency Medicine - A national survey of facilitator comfort and practice.
    Lee J, Chan A, Angelski C, Allain D, Ali S,
    Pediatric Emergency Care 2015;31(4):260-5    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Pediatric information seeking behavior, information needs and information preferences of healthcare professionals in general Emergency Departments: Results from the translating emergency knowledge for kids (TREKK) needs assessment.
    Scott S, Albrecht L, Given LM, Hartling LA, Johnson DW, Jabbour M, Klassen TP,
    Acad Emerg Med 2015;():   
    Site: IWK
    Pediatric pain management in the Emergency Department: The triage nurses' perspective.
    Thomas D, Kircher J, Plint AC, Fitzpatrick EA, Newton A, Rosychuk R, Grewal S, Ali S,
    J Emer Med 2015;41(5):407-13    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Probing the effect of OSCE checklist length on inter-observer reliability and observer accuracy.
    Hurley K, Bullock G,
    Medical Education 2015;20(29242):1-5    View Article
    Site: IWK
    The diagnosis of concussion in a Pediatric Emergency Department.
    Boutis K, Weerdenburg K, Koo E, Schneeweiss S, Zemek R,
    J Pediatr 2015;166(5):1214-20    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Variation in the Diagnosis and Management of Appendicitis at Canadian Pediatric Hospitals.
    Schuh S, Gravel J, Fitzpatrick EA, Turner T, Bhatt M, Beer D,
    Acad Emerg Med 2015;1553-2712():1-12   
    Site: IWK
    Articles - 2014
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    Blame, shame and lack of support: A multilevel study on obesity management.
    Kirk S, Price S, Penny TL, Rehman L, Lyons RF, Piccinini-Vallis H, Vallis MT, Curran J, Aston M,
    Qual Health Res 2014;24(6):790-800    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Discharge instructions for caregivers in the context of pediatric emergency care: A narrative synthesis protocol.
    Curran J, Murphy A, Newton A, Zemek R, Hartling LA, Plint AC, Chorney J, MacPhee S, Campbell SG, Jabbour M, Boliver D, Petrie DA, Colwell R, MacWilliams K, Nolan A,
    Syst Rev 2014;3(26):    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Embedding interventions within early child care programs for preschoolers at risk for serious mental health disorders: An evidence to policy realist review.
    Carrey N, Curran J, Greene R, Nolan A, McLuckie A,
    J Syst Rev 2014;3(84):1-7    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Understanding context in knowledge translation: A concept analysis study protocol.
    Squires JE, Graham I, Hutchinson AM, Linklater S, Brehaut JC, Curran J,
    J Adv Nurs 2014;71(5):1146-55    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Articles - 2013
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    A pan-Canadian web-based education program to support screening for distress: Evaluation of outcomes.
    McLeod D, Morck A, Curran J,
    Palliative and Supportive Care 2013;12(1):15-23    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Best Strategies to Implement Clinical Pathways in an Emergency Department Setting: Study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial.
    Jabbour M, Curran J, Scott S, Guttman A, Rotter T, Ducharme FM, Lougheed MD, McNaughton-Filtion ML, Newton A, Shafir M, Paprica A, Klassen TP, Jaljaard M, Grimshaw J, Johnson DW,
    Implementation Science 2013;8(55):1-11    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Evaluating a clinical practice intervention to promote delivery of salbutamol by metered-dose inhalers with holding chambers in a pediatric emergency department.
    Hill-Taylor B, Hurley K, Sketris I, O'Connell C, Sinclair D, Wing A,
    CJEM 2013;15(2):101-8    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Factors Influencing Rural and Urban Emergency Clinicians' Participation in an Online Knowledge Exchange Intervention.
    Curran J, Murphy A, Sinclair D, McGrath PJ,
    Rosen's Textbook of Emergency Medicine 6th Edition 2013;13(1):2175    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Nerve blocks for initial pain management of femoral fractures in children.
    Black KJ, Bevan C, Murphy N, Howard JJ,
    Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2013;2013():1-31    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Predictors of severe H1N1 infection in children presenting within Pediatric Emergency Research Networks (PERN): Retrospective case-control study.
    Dalziel SR, Thompson J, Macias CG, Fernandes RM, Johnson DW, Waisman Y, Cheng N, Acworth J, Chamberlain JM, Osmond M, Plint AC, Valerio P, Black KJ, Fitzpatrick EA, Newton A, Kuppermann N, Klassen TP,
    BMJ 2013;347():1-13    View Article
    Site: IWK
    The Current State of Mental Health Services in Canada's Pediatric Emergency Departments.
    Leon S, Capelli M, Ali S, Craig W, Curran J, Gokiert R, Klassen TP, Osmond M, Scott S, Newton A,
    Pediatrics and Child Health 2013;18(2):81-85   
    Site: IWK
    The interprofessional psychosocial oncology distance education (IPODE) project: Outcomes of an innovative approach to health care professional education.
    Charles G, McLeod D, Curran J, Dumont S, White M,
    J Interprof Care 2013;28(3):254-9    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Understanding the Canadian Adult CT Head Rule Trial: Use of the Theoretical Domains Framework for Process Evaluation.
    Curran J, Brehaut JC, Patey A, Osmond M, Stiell I, Grimshaw J,
    Implementation Science 2013;8(25):1-10    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Articles - 2012
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    Performance of the Canadian Triage and Acuity Scale for Children: A multicenter database study.
    Gravel J, Fitzpatrick EA, Gouin S, Millar K, Curtis S, Joubert G, Boutis K, Goldman RD, Dubrovsky SA, Porter R, Beer D, Doan Q, Osmond M,
    Annals EM 2012;61(1):27-32    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Articles - 2011
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    Using cervical spine clearance guidelines in a pediatric population: A survey of physician practices and opinions.
    Burns E, Yanchar N,
    CJEM 2011;13(1):1-6    View Article
    Site: IWK
    Abstracts - 2019
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    Evaluating mental health service use during and after emergency department visits in a multisite cohort of Canadian children and youth.
    Capelli M, Cloutier P, Newton A, Fitzpatrick EA,
    Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine 2019;21(1):75-86    View Abstract
    Site: IWK
    The Variable Journey in Learning to Interpret Pediatric Point-of-care Ultrasound Images: A Multicenter Prospective Cohort Study.
    Kwan C, Pusic MV, Pecaric M, Weerdenburg K, Tessaro M, Boutis K,
    Society of Academic Emergency Medicine Journal 2019;():   
    Site: IWK
    Abstracts - 2017
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    Did the Canadian Pediatric Society policy statement in 2007 impact trampoline-related injuries in Halifax, Nova Scotia?
    Wilson G, Sameoto C, Fitzpatrick EA, Hurley K,
    CJEM 2017;19(S1):S91   
    Site: IWK
    Epidemiology of gun related injuries among Canadian children and youth from 2005-2013: A CHIRPP study.
    Cox C, Stewart S, Hurley K,
    CJEM 2017;19(S1):S91   
    Site: IWK
    Meeting patient expectations in the Emergency Department: Preliminary findings from the preparing emergency patients and providers study.
    Nunn J, Cassidy C, Chiasson D, MacPhee S, Curran J,
    CJEM 2017;19(S1):S110   
    Site: IWK
    Abstracts - 2016
    Top of Page
    Emergency medicine as a career choice: What influences medical students throughout their schooling.
    Pianosi K, Hurley K,
    CJEM 2016;18(S1):   
    Site: IWK
    Pre-hospital dexamethasone administration in children with croup: The Edmonton experience.
    Ali S, Moodley A, Bhattacharjee A, Lobay K, Chang E, Kabaroff A, Allain D,
    Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine 2016;18(S1):s80    View Abstract
    Site: IWK
    Single use detergent sacs (SUDS): A retrospective multicenter Canadian review of Emergency Department cases.
    Rosenfield D, Eltorki M, VandenBurg S, Allain D, Beno S,
    PEC 2016;():    View Abstract
    Site: IWK
    Abstracts - 2014
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    CHIRPP: A characterization of captured injuries versus uncaptured injuries for patients presenting at a pediatric tertiary care centre.
    Butler M, MacPhee S, Newton S,
    CJEM 2014;16(S1):S27   
    Site: IWK
    Developing a framework for replication of research in implementation science.
    Curran J, Vachon B, Brehaut JC, Sales A, Grimshaw J,
    BMC Health Serv Res 2014;14(S2):p19   
    Site: IWK
    Discharge instructions for parents in the context of pediatric emergency care: A narrative review.
    Curran J,
    BMC Health Serv Res 2014;14(S2):p20   
    Site: IWK
    Pediatric pain management in the Emergency Department: The triage nurses' perspective.
    Kircher J, Thomas D, Plint AC, Fitzpatrick EA, Newton A, Rosychuk R, Ali S,
    CJEM 2014;16(S1):S32   
    Site: IWK
    The use of a new feedback form in the Pediatric Emergency Department: Incorporating CanMEDs and self-reflection.
    MacIntosh R, Blackie B, Fitzpatrick EA,
    CJEM 2014;16(S1):S100   
    Site: IWK
    Abstracts - 2012
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    Medication records in the Emergency Department: Agreement between paper-based charts and automated dispencing device.
    Wing A, Hill-Taylor B, Sketris I, Smith J, Stewart S, Hurley K,
    Can J Hosp Pharm 2012;():   
    Site: IWK
    Book Chapters - 2017
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    PEMSoft - Point-of-Care Ultrasound.
    Weerdenburg K,
    ; , 2017    View Book Chapter
    Site: IWK