QEII Emergency Department-Rounds Schedule
Attendees must display a valid QEII or Dalhousie identification card.    
Date Time Activity Presenter(s) Topic Location
July 2021                  
Jul 07, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsGould, JamesGrand Round "Hot blooded, when they got a fever of 103 - Crushing Sepsis in the ED"Online via Zoom
Jul 14, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsPatrick, LucyInterdisciplinary Case Rounds "Decompensated Liver Disease: An evidence based approach to ED presentation"Online via Zoom
Jul 21, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsWade, LauraGrand Rounds "Chronic Kidney Disease"Online via Zoom
Jul 28, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsEggink, KellyInterdisciplinary Case RoundsOnline via Zoom
August 2021                  ^ Top
Aug 04, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsJohnston, TylerGrand Rounds "Not-so-Recycled Summer Rounds: Riders on the 'Electrical Storm': Mechanism Matters"Online via Zoom
Aug 11, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsClory, Michael; Henneberry, RyanFaculty Development Rounds "Dalhousie Enhanced Skills in Emergency Medicine (Dal ESEM) Residency Program Competency-Based Medical Education Update"Online via Zoom
Aug 18, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsClarke, MatthewGrand Rounds "SAH: Thunderclap, caught in the middle of a spinal tap"Online via Zoom
Aug 25, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsDas, BijonInterdisciplinary Case Rounds "Emergency Radiograph Subtleties: Interactive Case Review"Online via Zoom
September 2021                  ^ Top
Sep 01, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsPlotnick, MeghanGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Lindsay McDonald) "XX Rated: Female Specific Medicine in the Emergency Department"Online via Zoom
Sep 08, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsMagee, KirkFaculty Grand Rounds "Leadership Lessons During a Global Pandemic"Online via Zoom
Sep 15, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsLowe, MatthewInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Stephen Miller) "An organized approach to a disorganized patient: Agitation in the ED"Online via Zoom
Sep 22, 202112:00 - 13:00EM Journal ClubCampbell, SamuelEM Lunchtime Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Sep 29, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsNunn, JamesM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Ismail Cajee)Online via Zoom
October 2021                  ^ Top
Oct 06, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHurley, SeanGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Lorri Beatty) "Geriatric Trauma in Nova Scotia: A Booming Problem"Online via Zoom
Oct 07, 202119:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubWatson, Mary-LynnAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Oct 13, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHung, DavidGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Osama Loubani) "Geriatric Care in the Emergency Department"Online via Zoom
Oct 20, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsStaple, LouisInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Michael Clory) "Low Frequency - High Acuity in Dermatology; A Review of 'Can't Miss Diagnosis Involving the Skin'"Online via Zoom
Oct 27, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsRezapour, PouriaM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Christopher Cox)Online via Zoom
November 2021                  ^ Top
Nov 03, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsMarks, PatriciaGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Darrell Chiasson) "Atrial Fibrillation"Online via Zoom
Nov 04, 202119:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubPetrie, DavidAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Nov 10, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsArmstrong, JohnFaculty Grand Rounds "Mass Penetrating Trauma in the Emergency Department"Online via Zoom
Nov 17, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsCarter, Jillian [Jill]Interdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Karen Angus) "What the Trop? Untangling NSTEMI in the ED"Online via Zoom
Nov 24, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsDesai, ShashwatM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Vuthana Suon)Online via Zoom
December 2021                  ^ Top
Dec 01, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHiob, Jacqueline [Jacqui]Grand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Tara Dahn) "Bites, stings and some related things"Online via Zoom
Dec 08, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHuang, SimonInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Samuel Campbell) "Mechanical Ventilation: Demystifying the Vent"Online via Zoom
Dec 15, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsWade, LauraHoliday RoundsOnline via Zoom
January 2022                  ^ Top
Jan 05, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsWiemer, HanaGrand Rounds "Labour and Delivery in the Emergency Department"Online via Zoom
Jan 06, 202219:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubClarke, MatthewAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Jan 12, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsWatson, Mary-LynnFaculty Grand Rounds "Safety, quality and an overwhelmed system, are they mutually exclusive?"Online via Zoom
Jan 19, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsEastwood, KyleInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Jennifer McVey) "The Future of the ED Pelvic Exam: Less or More?"Online via Zoom
Jan 26, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHung, DavidM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Jason Emsley)Online via Zoom
February 2022                  ^ Top
Feb 02, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsKinden, ReneeGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Simon Field) "Early Pregnancy Complications: Ectopic Pregnancies"Online via Zoom
Feb 03, 202219:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubMurphy, LaurelAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Feb 09, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsMacIntyre, JanetFaculty Grand Rounds "Preserving Brain Power - Evidence for management of acute neurologic emergencies in the ED"Online via Zoom
Feb 16, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsRezapour, PouriaInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Stephen Curry) "Pericardial Disease in the Emergency Department"Online via Zoom
Feb 23, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsLeroux, YvesM&M/Death RoundsOnline via Zoom
March 2022                  ^ Top
Mar 02, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsDesai, ShashwatGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Neil Petrie) "All that Thunderclaps is not SAH"Online via Zoom
Mar 09, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsLeBlanc, ConstanceFaculty Grand Rounds "Setting the Course for a better Direction - Seeing the world through an EDI lens"Online via Zoom
Mar 10, 202219:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubHenneberry, RyanExpanded EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Mar 16, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsCook, JoleneInterdisciplinary Case Rounds "Pain and Addiction - An ED Perspective"Online via Zoom
Mar 23, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsPlotnick, MeghanM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptored by: Dr. Ryan Henneberry)Online via Zoom
Mar 30, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsLowe, MatthewGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Scott MacDonald) "Medical Assistance in Dying"Online via Zoom
April 2022                  ^ Top
Apr 06, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHuang, SimonGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Patrick Fok) "Clinical Pathological Case Presentation"Online via Zoom
Apr 07, 202219:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubMurphy, LaurelAdult EM Journal Club Host: Dr. Laurel MurphyVia Zoom
Apr 13, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsTravers, AndrewFaculty Grand Rounds "EHS Medical Communications Centre Clinical Team: The Current State and Future Direction"Online via Zoom
Apr 20, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsGeldenhuys, Laurette; Harris, Adam; Leddin, Desmond; McDermott, EmmaInterdisciplinary Case Rounds "The Health Effects of the Climate Emergency, and its' impact on Emergency Medicine"Online via Zoom
Apr 27, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsMarks, PatriciaM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. George Kovacs)Online via Zoom
May 2022                  ^ Top
May 04, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsLowe, Matthew; Plotnick, Meghan; Rezapour, Pouria; Staple, LouisResearch Rounds: Dal ESEM Resident Critically Appraised Topic PresentationsOnline via Zoom
May 05, 202219:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubHenneberry, RyanAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
May 11, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsCampbell, SamuelInterdiscipinary Case RoundsOnline via Zoom
May 18, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsThiruganasambandamoorthy, Venkatesh"Guest" Grand Rounds "ED Syncope Management in 2022" (Hosted by Dr. Matthew Clarke)Online via Zoom
May 25, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsFieldus, WarrenInterdisciplinary Case Rounds "A Plethora of Interesting Cases"Online via Zoom
June 2022                  ^ Top
Jun 01, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsStaple, LouisGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Christopher McCrossin)Royal Bank Theatre - HI
Jun 08, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsCampbell, Samuel; LeBlanc, ConstanceFaculty Grand RoundsED Conference Room, Suite 355 - HI
Jun 15, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsEastwood, KyleGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Laurel Murphy) "Overview of Artificial Intelligence in Emergency Medicine"Royal Bank Theatre - HI
Jun 22, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsField, SimonJournal Club Lunchtime Rounds (Host: Dr. Simon Field)Online via Zoom
Jun 29, 202212:00 - 13:00EM RoundsKinden, ReneeM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Nancy Murphy)Royal Bank Theatre - HI