QEII Emergency Department-Rounds Schedule
Attendees must display a valid QEII or Dalhousie identification card.    
Date Time Activity Presenter(s) Topic Location
July 2020                  
Jul 08, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsDavis, Ian; Johnston, B. Lynn; MacIntyre, JanetGrand Rounds "Covid 19 evidence and IPAC update from ID"Online via Zoom
Jul 09, 202019:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubHenneberry, RyanAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Jul 15, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsArmstrong, JohnInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Summer Recycled) "Bombs, Blasts and Bullets: from benchside to bedside when things go boom"Online via Zoom
Jul 22, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsDahn, TaraGrand Rounds ""Headaches" from the 1st year in practice"Online via Zoom
Jul 29, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsSadoway, Reid (Attending)Interdisciplinary Case Rounds (Summer Recycled) "Thrombosis and Anticoagulation in Covid-19 Patients"Online via Zoom
August 2020                  ^ Top
Aug 05, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsMurray, JockGrand Rounds (Summer Recycled) "Top 10 Emergency articles of the last year"Online via Zoom
Aug 06, 202019:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubMurray, JockExpanded Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Aug 12, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsWiemer, HanaInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Summer Recycled) "Emergency Contraception and Contraception Complications"Online via Zoom
Aug 19, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsBeatty, Dorothy (Lorri)Grand Rounds (Summer Recycled) "Hypertension in the Emergency Department - Is it an Emergency?"Online via Zoom
Aug 26, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsMurphy, NancyInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Summer Recycled) "Antidotes: Current Evidence-Informed Guidelines"Online via Zoom
September 2020                  ^ Top
Sep 02, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsWade, LauraGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Carl Jarvis)Location TBA
Sep 09, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsEM Rounds - Cancelled (Scholar Strike Event)N/a
Sep 16, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsBoyd, John [Colin]Interdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Yves Leroux) "Tick Borne Illnesses"Online via Zoom
Sep 23, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsCox, Christopher [DAL]Journal Club Lunchtime RoundsOnline via Zoom
Sep 30, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsCarter, Jillian [Jill]M&M Post-Review: Case-Based Learning Points (Preceptor: Dr. Karen Angus)Online via Zoom
October 2020                  ^ Top
Oct 01, 202019:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubHenneberry, RyanAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Oct 07, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsEggink, KellyGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Jason Emsley) "Conversation and Controversies in Otolaryngology"Online via Zoom
Oct 14, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsPetrie, DavidFaculty Grand Rounds "Covid-19 - How a Pandemic Reveals that Everything is Connected to Everything Else (Say What? So What? Now What?) "Online via Zoom
Oct 21, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsTravers, AndrewInterdisciplinary Case Rounds "The Real Out of Hospital Resuscitation: EHS Updates on community models in NS"Online via Zoom
Oct 28, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHaworth, RebeccaM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Ismail Cajee)Online via Zoom
November 2020                  ^ Top
Nov 04, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsFok, PatrickFaculty Grand Rounds "Cleared for take-off? Preparing your patients for air travel pre-departure and in handling inflight medical emergencies"Online via Zoom
Nov 05, 202019:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubCampbell, SamuelAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Nov 11, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsNo Rounds (Holiday: Remembrance Day)N/a
Nov 18, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsMarks, PatriciaGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Bijon Das) "Compassionate Care in the ED"Online via Zoom
Nov 25, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHuang, SimonM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Darrell Chiasson)Online via Zoom
December 2020                  ^ Top
Dec 02, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsFong, StephanieGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Christopher Poss) "Implicit Bias: The Elephant in the ED"Online via Zoom
Dec 09, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsDesai, ShashwatGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Alix Carter) "It's a work of Heart - Managing LVAD patients in the ED"Online via Zoom
Dec 16, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsWade, LauraHoliday RoundsOnline via Zoom
Dec 23, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsNo Rounds (Holiday Break)N/a
Dec 30, 202012:00 - 13:00EM RoundsNo Rounds (Holiday Break)N/a
January 2021                  ^ Top
Jan 06, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsCarter, Jillian [Jill]Grand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Osama Loubani) "Police in the ED"Online via Zoom
Jan 07, 202119:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubMcCrossin, ChristopherAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Jan 13, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsKovacs, GeorgeFaculty Grand Rounds "Optimizing the DangerousER Airway in Dangerous Times"Online via Zoom
Jan 20, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsNunn, JamesInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Samuel Campbell) "Managing Acute Asthma in the ED"Online via Zoom
Jan 27, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHurley, SeanM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Jolene Cook)Online via Zoom
February 2021                  ^ Top
Feb 03, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsCann, LynneGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Christopher Cox) "Updates in Stroke Management"Online via Zoom
Feb 04, 202119:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubWatson, Mary-LynnAdult EM Journal ClubDr. Mary-Lynn Watson's Residence
Feb 10, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsSinclair, DouglasFaculty Grand Rounds "Leadership in Emergency Medicine and Beyond - Lessons learned over 35 years"Online via Zoom
Feb 17, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsMarks, PatriciaInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Scott MacDonald) "Managing Borderline Personality Disorder in the ED"Online via Zoom
Feb 24, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsMcLean, DevonM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Kirk Magee)Online via Zoom
March 2021                  ^ Top
Mar 03, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHiob, Jacqueline [Jacqui]Grand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Christopher McCrossin) "Tactical Medicine: Relevance to the Nova Scotia experience?"Online via Zoom
Mar 04, 202119:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubMurphy, LaurelAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Mar 10, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsSowers, NicholasFaculty Grand Rounds "Mastering Preoxygenation in Critically Ill Patients"Online via Zoom
Mar 17, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHaworth, RebeccaInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Amy Nason) "End of Life Care: In the ED and Beyond"Online via Zoom
Mar 24, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsFong, StephanieM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Neil Petrie)Online via Zoom
Mar 31, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsBoyd, John [Colin]Grand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Stephen Curry) "Orthopedics in the ED - A refresher and update"Online via Zoom
April 2021                  ^ Top
Apr 01, 202119:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubMurray, JockExpanded EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
Apr 07, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHurley, SeanGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Tara Dahn) "The Missing Link: Inpatient Trauma Care"Online via Zoom
Apr 14, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsWatson, Mary-LynnFaculty Grand Rounds "Providing quality feedback to learners, why is it so challenging?"Online via Zoom
Apr 21, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHiob, Jacqueline [Jacqui]Interdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptored by Dr. Adam Harris) "Prescribing potpourri: Pharmacist tips for the ED clinician"Online via Zoom
Apr 28, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsGould, JamesM&M/Death RoundsOnline via Zoom
May 2021                  ^ Top
May 05, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsBoyd, John [Colin]; Cann, Lynne; Fong, Stephanie; Haworth, Rebecca; McLean,Resident (CAT) Critically Appraised Topic PresentationsOnline via Zoom
May 06, 202119:00 - 21:00EM Journal ClubFok, PatrickAdult EM Journal ClubOnline via Zoom
May 12, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsEM Rounds TBAOnline via Zoom
May 19, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsNunn, JamesGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Michael Clory)Online via Zoom
May 26, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsFieldus, WarrenRecycled Rounds (Conference: CAEP)Online via Zoom
June 2021                  ^ Top
Jun 02, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsHuang, SimonGrand Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Reid Sadoway)Royal Bank Theatre - HI
Jun 09, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsDesai, ShashwatInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Ryan Henneberry)ED Administration Office, Suite 355
Jun 16, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsMcLean, DevonInterdisciplinary Case Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Hana Wiemer)Royal Bank Theatre - HI
Jun 23, 202112:00 - 13:30EM RoundsBosma, Mark; Murphy, CherylGrand Rounds "High Quality Feedback"Online via Zoom
Jun 30, 202112:00 - 13:00EM RoundsCann, LynneM&M/Death Rounds (Preceptor: Dr. Lorri Beatty)Royal Bank Theatre - HI